The past three days have proven crucial for the development of CF Motorsport rider Brayden Elliott after his Spanish test provided the perfect breeding ground for Elliott’s building confidence.

Circuit de Calafat in Spain played backdrop to Elliott’s first ride on his new machinery, allowing him to test new tyres, setup and suspension settings, not to mention ample time to test, play and tweak the advanced electronics, compared to his previous bikes.

Elliott, pleased with his progress over the past three days, has summarised what a big leap forward he has made not only learning the new bike and new track, but learning to adapt and develop with a new team.

“It is always nerve-racking jumping on to new machinery, with a new team and on a track I have only learnt from watching videos, especially coming from such a supportive and family based team in Australia. But I am really happy with how the past three days have finished,” Elliott started.

“I am starting to feel really comfortable of the CF Motorsport R1. The team were really supportive and open to changes, and we are comfortable with how we are progressing.

“The biggest difference I have noticed is the change in the electronic package offered, as well as having a lot more power than I first anticipated. I was really happy with how quickly I adapted to the bike and I am also impressed with the K-Tech suspension. With many different areas to work on I was extremely happy with our progress and the changes made.

“My main focus was not on lap times however every time I went on track I continued to get faster,” he concluded.

With the first test done and dusted Elliott will now turn his attention to Jerez in Spain for their second three day test, where both the team and Elliott will once again have ample opportunity to adjust to the varying conditions, track and dynamics.

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