About Brayden

Brayden’s interest in motorcycles began at an early age and he completed his first race at the age of four. At the age of 7, he secured 2nd position in the Australian Dirt Track Titles. In 2014, Brayden made the decision to concentrate only on road racing and since then has been winning several accolades in it.


Brayden has experienced several highs and lows with motorcycle racing. The only thing that gave Brayden the strength to get out of difficult situations was ‘Believe’. The word is a symbol of hope for him. He chose the word BELIEVE to represent himself.

Why 51?

Brayden was just 3 years old when his parents bought him his first ever PW50. At 4, he was old enough to ride that bike. His parents had asked him to choose a number for his bike from 1 to100. Brayden was awfully indecisive to settle down for one number and when he picked the number 51, his parents ordered him to settle for it. From that day, he has always raced under the number 51.


Although I only met Brayden in 2016, I had been watching his progress through the lower classes through to the Australian Superbike Championship where he stood on the podium in his first season. He is a great young guy who is focussed on being the best rider he can be and with the talent he has shown already in his short career I believe he has the capability to succeed at the top level of motorcycle road racing.CHRIS VERMEULEN, MOTOGP RACER & WORLD SS CHAMPION
I have worked directly with Brayden Elliott throughout the 2014 Australasian Superbike Championship season. He is an extremely dedicated and professional rider. Brayden applies the upmost focus and dedication to every aspect of his riding both at the track and away from it; ranging from bike preparation, data analysis and media interaction. It is a pleasure to work with Brayden each and every time and I look forward to being alongside him into the future. I would recommend Brayden Elliot to any company looking to extend their marketing into professional motorcycle racing as you will be assured your brand will be represented in the most professional manner both on-track and off by Brayden and his entire team.SHAWN GILES, 3-TIME AUSTRALIAN SUPERBIKE CHAMPION
I haven’t known Brayden personally for a long time but after spending one week alongside each other at the Australian Institute of Sport I have come to the conclusion that Brayden has his mind set on a full time racing career. With his background in Dirt Track and his will to win I believe he has the ability and determination to become a successful road racer.TROY BAYLISS, 3- TIME WORLD SUPERBIKE CHAMPION
I had the pleasure of meeting Brayden Elliott at the Australian Institute of Sport Elite Rider Camp, 2013. My capacity at the camp was as a qualified Motorcycling Australia Coach and Mentor. I was immediately taken by Brayden’s positive attitude to all tasks required of him at the camp. His commitment and enthusiasm to all aspects of the training and mental preparation involved in Motorcycle racing impressed me greatly. I believe Brayden Elliott has the capability to succeed in his chosen field and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.JASON CRUMP, 3-TIME WORLD SPEEDWAY CHAMPION