Brayden Elliott and NO BULL Racing will be using Teng Tools this year, after securing the partnership with the UK based company earlier last month for the remainder of the British Superstock 1000cc Championship.

Inheriting its name and face from the Asian folk hero Tengu, characterised by strength, courage and innovative thinking, NO BULL Racing will be representing these common values throughout their season this year.

Teng Tools will be displayed on Brayden’s race bike, as well as throughout his pit set up supplying tools, storage and organisations systems for the entire team.

As owner and rider of NO BULL Racing, Brayden made comment on his newest partnership highlighting the importance of having such a large company such a Teng Tools supporting his international racing career. “I can’t thank Teng Tools enough for supporting my dreams, and for having faith in the formulation of NO BULL Racing,” he began.

“It makes the hard work of running your own team and racing worth it when you are supported by great companies, that have the same beliefs, vision and courage that match your own.

“The team and I have already been working with Teng Tools and are thoroughly impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the tools we use, and the customer support we have received from the company so far.

“We have mentioned before that when we decided to start a race team we would only ever do it when we felt as though we could do it properly and having the right resources to produce a race winning bike, the right tools, and an organised pit is one major step in the right direction to achieving this dream.

“I am proud to represent this company and to have them as a feature on my bike. I can’t wait to get back out on track and start racing once more,” Elliott began.

You can read all about the history of Teng Tools, view their extensive catalogue and contact them through their website;, as well as through their official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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