Brayden Elliott would like to officially announce his newest partnership with VIRUS Action Sport Performance Australia for the 2018 British Superstock 1000cc Championship season.

VIRUS Action Sport Performance Australia are the only base layer apparel brand in the world that sets the benchmark in fabric technology for every sport with their Cool Jade, Bioceramic and Coffee Charcoal fabrics.

Making them one of the only brands in the world to maximise performance, endurance and recovery for any and all athletes. Brayden made comment on his recent partnership with VIRUS Action Sport Performance Australia, sharing his excitement in partnering with this renowned company. “I am so excited to be partnering with VIRUS (Action Sport Performance Australia) for the 2018 season,” Brayden began.

“I have put VIRUS to the test wearing the Stay Cool and Stay Warm Series products underneath my leathers since pre- season testing, and also using the apparel in my daily training and recovery routine.

“I have already tested the Bioceramic product on the plane on the way over to the UK and was amazed about by the benefits, I had no muscle fatigue and I felt energetic and ready to go stepping off the plane in Manchester, which is something I have never experienced.

“As an athlete getting the most out of my body each and every day, and making sure my recovery time is productive, I am always looking for new and innovative products to help.

“Throughout my career the products I promote are generally motorsport specific however, something I love about working with VIRUS is that their products can benefit anyone from an elite athlete, to someone struggling with injury, circulation issues and more. Their products are scientifically designed and proven to help in so many areas, I am extremely proud to be promoting a product I strongly believe in.” Brayden concluded.

Be sure to look out for the VIRUS Sport Performance Australia logo on Brayden throughout his training and on race weekends, and if you want to test the product yourself be sure to head to; or click on the VIRUS logo on Brayden Elliott’s website under ‘Partners’.