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Brayden's Team


Throughout Brayden’s career Grant Elliott has been the mechanic, the driver, the logistics manager, the cleaner, the helper and the dad. Grant has supported Brayden from day one, from teaching Brayden to ride his first motorbike, driving from one side of Australia to the other or working for hours on the bikes and transporter. Grant has always worked hard to insure he can provide Brayden with the best opportunities possible and helps make Brayden’s overseas racing dreams possible.



Since the early days of his career, Brayden Elliott’s Mum Tanya has been his number one supporter. From Brayden’s first race on a PW50, at the age of four, Tanya has watched nervously and proudly from the sidelines. Throughout the highs and lows of motorcycle racing she has supported her son in every way; no matter the injuries, the expense, the time away from home, she has backed Brayden 100% to chase his dream of racing professionally. Whether it’s traveling to the UK to help Brayden establish his life overseas or cheering him on from Australia, Tanya is always by Brayden’s side as an extremely valuable member of the team and family.

The family devotes their lives to Brayden Elliott’s racing and chasing the dream.




They say ‘Behind every great man is a great women’ and that is certainly the case with the endless support Eliza has offered Brayden. Leaving her comfortable life in Australia behind at the young age of 21 Eliza has moved to the UK full time to be by Brayden’s side through the highs and lows of motorcycle racing. With a degree in Public Relations Eliza is also a part of Brayden’s personal management team looking after communications, social media, official website, press releases and much more.